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Visitor Policy

Monticello High School values the role that our community members and parents/guardians play in making this a successful school.  We also value allowing access to the resources we have to offer.  Unfortunately, there are times during the day that school resources may be unavailable due to schedule. To avoid conflict, we are asking you to please call ahead and make an appointment when ever possible:  

To make an appointment please call Administration:  763-272-3000

All campus visitors must: 

  • Sign in at the Attendance Office and show your photo I.D. when arriving on campus.
  • Obtain and prominently display on their person, a visitor's sticker approved by an administrator or administrative designee before proceeding to the designated location on campus, and return the sticker and sign out upon departure.
  • Not interfere with any school activity during the visitation. 
  • Not disrupt or cause disorder to any class, office, or school activities. 

Student Visitors:  Student Visitors are not allowed during the school day.

Questions concerning visitors should be directed to the Principal. 

Thank you from the MHS Staff!

Picture of the front entrance of the Monticello High School building